cranky dino-baby
work doodle, space kid edition
hello friends! i’ve added two new blouses to my shop and brought some prices down as summer starts to wrap up. i’d really appreciate it if you’d take a looksie and would love some feedback if you have any (・∀・ ) i know there’s not much, but i hope to change that soon! thank you!
grumpy self portrait - i’m having a feelings attack so no art atm my apologies
painting for the first time in forever

day 47: new self portrait ahhhh-

hi new followers! this is what i look like. hi! ..hi.that’s my personal blog btw.
working on a thing👏

let me tell you about my wildly irrational fears ◉◞౪◟◉[details]
today i made a shop! i’m selling some really cute things (like these holy jelly slippers) and maybe you’d want to check it out? i’ve decided to be a cute-thing hunter to raise some extra money so that we can move to an apartment closer to my day job/afford to eat healthy food.
(additionally, i make itty bitty baby thank you hoops for donations if you’d like one.)
this is my first attempt at trying to sell cute things i found on the internet and would love your feedback/experience with storenvy if any of you have any (?)




hi! this is my hoop. gypsy is a racial slur. i’d really appreciate it if you didn’t associate my work with racial slurs because, frankly, no one wants to be associated with racial slurs. they’re hurtful and are an excellent way to look like an asshole. i mean, i don’t even care that the original text was deleted from this or that you felt the need to brand my art with your blog’s designer name or w/e this practice is, just-
"gypsy" is a racial slur. stop it. use "wanderlust" or whateverthefuck. "hippie❁teenager”. you’re fun-loving and earthy. we get it. stop using racial slurs. everyone think you’re cooler when you don’t use racial slurs tyvm :****