day 47: new self portrait ahhhh-

hi new followers! this is what i look like. hi! ..hi.that’s my personal blog btw.
working on a thing👏

let me tell you about my wildly irrational fears ◉◞౪◟◉[details]
today i made a shop! i’m selling some really cute things (like these holy jelly slippers) and maybe you’d want to check it out? i’ve decided to be a cute-thing hunter to raise some extra money so that we can move to an apartment closer to my day job/afford to eat healthy food.
(additionally, i make itty bitty baby thank you hoops for donations if you’d like one.)
this is my first attempt at trying to sell cute things i found on the internet and would love your feedback/experience with storenvy if any of you have any (?)




hi! this is my hoop. gypsy is a racial slur. i’d really appreciate it if you didn’t associate my work with racial slurs because, frankly, no one wants to be associated with racial slurs. they’re hurtful and are an excellent way to look like an asshole. i mean, i don’t even care that the original text was deleted from this or that you felt the need to brand my art with your blog’s designer name or w/e this practice is, just-
"gypsy" is a racial slur. stop it. use "wanderlust" or whateverthefuck. "hippie❁teenager”. you’re fun-loving and earthy. we get it. stop using racial slurs. everyone think you’re cooler when you don’t use racial slurs tyvm :****
wanderingdame asked:
Hi! I've just started to get into embroidery and your work is a serious inspiration. I love it! I wanted to ask if there were any resources you could recommend for someone just getting started? Usually when I start a craft, I ask my super crafty aunts but none of them do embroidery. I've taught myself a few things through youtube, but beyond that, I'm lost. I'd appreciate any tips you could pass on!

ahhh it’s so mind-blowing knowing i’ve inspired another creative person ur so sweet (n˘v˘•)¬ in anycase, good for you for using youtube haha- i’m too impatient to genuinely learn new skills, so i mostly used pictures to get  by. for example:

i used these images to help me when i was first starting out. in the very beginning, i use some scrap fabric and just “sketched” these techniques out. it’s a shame, really - you can do so much more with embroidery techniques than simply doing what i do (backstitch and satin stitch forever and ever). a lot of really nice designs can come from these techniques if you can figure out a clever way to use them. for me, i normally “draw” when i embroider. i used these sites for patterns to draw when stitching. pintrest is also an excellent resource for embroidery patterns. i didn’t really have any ideas for my embroidery other than that i wanted them to be kitschy, so using these vintage designs was an ideal way to achieve that. you’ll maybe want to google “free embroidery patterns" for more variety. then you pick something and add your personality to it and wah-lah! embroidery! this is literally all i do/did. i conceptualize my hoop in photoshops (picking designs and fonts and moving them around etc), print it out, trace it on some fabric, and hop to it.

wah-lah! embroidery! happy stitching! just mess around with it - you’ll figure something out C:

i hope this excites you or hurts your eyes.
so I’m taking an indefinite break from embroidery to do a bit of fine art doodling. I’m hoping to kind of “unlearn” art school in this way and - hopefully - express/conquer a bit of my depression and anxiety in the process.
put bluntly, I’m doing this for my health. those of you who were expecting embroidery are welcome to understandably unfollow. those of you who are interested in seeing my adventures through anxiety and depression, thank you for supporting me through this bullshit. maybe one day, I’ll discuss this plan of mine more in depth. but for now, it’s important that I even get this plan off the ground before I destroy it with self-doubt.
anyway, that’s all. thank you for your support, past current and future 💖 here goes literally nothing.