i feel like massive shit today, so i made some star trek uniforms.

it may seem like i haven’t been making things lately, but trust me, i have been. also, i don’t remember the last time i went outside- [sputtering, hysterical giggles]
sea-beard asked:
gdshgksdg why haven't we made a zine together?! your comics are gold

ohgoshohgoshthankyouwowohgosh- um, uh- i have a weird love/hate relationship with my art because artist-feelings? also, your look and hair are fantastic and i really love your portrait/caricature drawings, so, yes, if you ever want to do a zine, please hit me up! 


fact: approximately 99% of my comics are about me and 100% of them are at the level of maturity featured here.

if the new yorker doesn’t hire me after this beaut, i’m quitting art forever.

under your seats, you’ll find a state of the art electronic voting device-

nyahahaha- decisions decisions…
:o friends! doodle painting.
the spoops are coming along nicely.

hi! i know this isn’t art, but i still made it and it’s a thing. i’m currently waiting on a pay check to buy paints for making paint-things and then i’ll post more art. unfollowing is understood - i, too, am impatient. apologies to those of you who follow my art blog and my personal blog.


it’s friday. this is me talking.

  • What is your name and/or username?
  • Where are you from?
  • Pronounce the following words: 
  • theatre, iron,salmon, caramel, fire, water, new orleans, furniture, both, again, probably, alabama, lawyer, coupon, mayonnaise, caught, naturally, envelope, twitter, new york, crayon, tumblr
  • How would you address a group of two or more people?
  • What would you call a sale of unwanted items on your porch, in your yard, etc.?
  • What do you call a sweetened carbonated beverage?
  • What do you call your grandparents?
  • What do you call gym shoes?
  • Choose a book and read a paragraph from it.
  • Do you speak a second language? Say something in it.
  • End the video by saying any 3 words you want

this is the background music, btw



shitty comics at work