lol-… seriously, though.
when you stitch something out completely only to find that the finished product looks awful
hello to my new followers! thanks for giving my art a chance ◠‿◠ i’m really shocked at all the traffic hitting my hoops lately, especially since my hoops were initially just a stress reliever ─▽─
anyway, here’s a little self-promo hoop that i made for branding purposes. i’ll be opening up a bigcartel shop relatively soon so you guys can buy my hoops and put them in your home or wear them or eat off of them or whatever - you can do whatever you want with them after you purchase them, really. that’s how it works.♥♥♥ thanks again for your support, guys ♥♥♥
Anonymous asked:
oh my gosh, your art is amazing and you're so talented. I started embroidering again and I love all the things you've made.

ahhh- thank you so much ♥♥♥♥ my new followers are really sweet and that’s very encouraging. nothing boosts one’s self confidence like the support of strangers on the internet. thank you all again.

(also you should put your embroidery on tumblr! i enjoy seeing all the different stitching techniques and creativity on here.)

a-cute-potsexual asked:
where can i buy those embroidery for the ignorant pieces?

i don’t have a shop yet but, i will. soon…

designinateacup asked:
How do you get the hoops back once you've finished your embroidery? Do you frame it, release it, or is the hoop lost forever?

thanks for the question! i always leave my embroidery in the hoop when it’s done. the hoop is a part of the composition - like a built-in frame. the size of the hoop plays a big role in the design as well. i only use wooden hoops because of the kitschy aesthetic and cost. wooden hoops are super cheap so there’s no issue with simply getting another one for a new project.

to me, my hoops are less of a craft and more just a different medium to make art. maybe someday i’ll make my embroidery more functional than just decorative :3

Anonymous asked:
Will you release a pattern for your sailor moon embroidery? It looks so cute, I had to ask! <3

aw, thank you ♥ tbh, i just drew the design on paper and then traced over it on the fabric (which would later prove to be a bad idea, as many of my circles were off and my star lines weren’t straight). i used this image:

that’s my transfer/pattern method. it’s kind of… basic. and not very efficient. maybe i’ll release some patterns once i figure out a better method for myself. thank you for the question, though!

sailor hoop (≧◡≦)
making a hoop specifically for tumblr. place your guesses now 😙