new self portrait time!yeahokaybutno:

in the words of jared leto, “this is who i really am”
making a thing idk
shitty doodle painting my fine motor skills are rusty.
update: i’ve been animal crossing hard - srsly, you don’t even know you do not even  - anyway. art is postponed indefinitely because i am an addict. not a fan, an addict. unfollows are welcome, as always. also, i’ll probably be posting some animal crossing screencaps here so… yeah. those of you who fail to read this can look forward to that. now you all know my disgusting secret and i don’t care.

after a straight month of obsessive, undisturbed city folk playing, i reached a plateau of sorts in my gaming. no longer able to feel the same satisfaction from my menial tasks, i completely and utterly abandoned all of the hard work and countless hours of game play invested into city folk and bought myself a 2ds and new leaf with money that should have been saved for-… something smarter, i’m sure. and, yes, i brought it to work today.
like. you all don’t understand how much time i put into city folk. oh, and you can bet your sweet purest ass that i time traveled, too. think i care? i am an addict. your judgement is meaningless to me. “but that’s not how the game was meant to be play-” shhh shhh shhhhhh-… i don’t care. i don’t. really.
anyway. i’m reaching for a higher high with this recent purchase and am actually trying to not speed through it like last time lest i hit another wall. at the same time, i kind of miss doing whatever it was i was doing prior to animal crossing? i believe it was mostly tumbling and kind of drawing? i’m not making art right now, obviously, nor do i feel like making art, so idk. now that i can screencap my game progress, i’ll probably start to blog about my new leaf adventures so you best excuse yourself now if you ain’t lookin’ for any of that.
also, my queue on this blog is practically empty as it’s been running on its own since i started city folk over a month ago. i’ll endeavor to fill it up again and blog from time to time, but- ahahahah-… but no promises.

i feel like massive shit today, so i made some star trek uniforms.

it may seem like i haven’t been making things lately, but trust me, i have been. also, i don’t remember the last time i went outside- [sputtering, hysterical giggles]
sea-beard asked:
gdshgksdg why haven't we made a zine together?! your comics are gold

ohgoshohgoshthankyouwowohgosh- um, uh- i have a weird love/hate relationship with my art because artist-feelings? also, your look and hair are fantastic and i really love your portrait/caricature drawings, so, yes, if you ever want to do a zine, please hit me up! 


fact: approximately 99% of my comics are about me and 100% of them are at the level of maturity featured here.

if the new yorker doesn’t hire me after this beaut, i’m quitting art forever.
:o friends! doodle painting.